What is Intermodal Transportation?


One of the key characteristics of human being is movement.  People do not only move but also create movement for goods these movements are known as transportation.  Sometimes when moving goods especially for long distances you will end up using more than one means of transport, this is what is known as intermodal transportation.  Many people using sea transport find the need of intermodal trucking.  Goods will be received at the sea harbor by the harbor specialist who then loads the goods either to lorry trucks or trains.

The Harbor Specialist Los Angeles is to facilitate the movement of cargo from one means of transport to the other. This involves loading export containers to the ship and offloading import containers off the ship and loading them to the relevant next mode of transport such as road.   The owner of the cargo is relieved of the need of being there when the cargo is being loaded or offloaded as the specialist will oversee the process.

The process involves the sender or receiver informing the Harbor specialist of an outgoing or incoming cargo.  The alert also give the identification features of the cargo. The Harbor specialist then undertakes the clearing process and loads the container either to the ship or to the inland mode of transport as instructed by the cargo owner.

Transportation Los Angeles is an innovation of overcome the challenges that face different transportation modes. Some of the limitations are.

Some means of transport cannot be used in given locations.  For example, sea transport can only be used in areas with access to water bodies.  Making sea transport only applicable to locations bordering water bodies.   Intermodal trucking is used to overcome the challenge of sea transport by interlinking land area with the coastal area.

The other challenge intermodal trucking assist is reducing of traffic jams.  Roads or railways are built to handle a given volume therefore if a large number of people are using it, the volume may not be sufficient.  By alternating the usage of the different means of transport of cargo between origin and destination people can avoid traffic jams.

Sea transport has been of great importance to world trade.  Countries so far away can exchange their goods via sea transport.  Sea transport is preferred because ships have a large capacity to carry goods and they charge fair transportation fees. With intermodal trucking even land locked countries can benefit from sea transport.  The land locked countries partners with the countries with access to the water bodies such as ocean or sea to construct roads and railways for intermodal transportation.  Sea transport interlinking with other means of transport has facilitated the growth of coastal towns and cities.


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